Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Einstein: Good With Physics, Bad With Marriage

Challies wrote on a wedding he recently attended in which the pastor quoted the below during the wedding ceremony. I added it to the sidebar but thought it worth highlighting here.

With his marriage disintegrating and already participating in extra-marital affairs, Einstein made a last-ditch effort to keep his marriage somewhat intact, even if only for the sake of the children. This is the contract he sent to his wife:
A. You will make sure that my clothes and laundry are kept in good order; that I will receive my three meals regularly in my room; that my bedroom and study are kept neat, and especially that my desk is left for my use only.
B. You will renounce all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social reasons. Specifically, you will forego my sitting at home with you;
my going out of traveling with you.
C. You will obey the following points in your relations with me: you will not expect any intimacy from me, nor will you reproach me in any way; you will stop talking to me if I request it; you will leave my bedroom or study immediately without protest if I request it.
D. You will undertake not to belittle me in front of our children, either through words or behavior.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-What of this man who was a genius in some regards but resorted to a miserable disdain towards his wife?
-How does one keep from cultivating such disdain in one's heart?
-His wife eventually agreed to the contract; why do you think she agreed?
-How should a believing Christian handle such a contract if it is handed to them by their spouse?


misawa said...

Well, as Ron White says: "You can't fix stupid."

Anonymous said...

Einstein was a strange man.