Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why Did God Allow This?

Timmy Brister writes on this very topic. It is a worthwhile read and will help to ground your thoughts in a Biblical understanding of why "bad things happen to good people".

Here is an excerpt:

Whenever disaster strikes, such momentous times inevitably afford the opportunity to think about the bigger questions in life–you know, the kind of questions we typically ignore in the day-to-day rush to triviality. Questions like, “Is God really in control over everything?” or “Why does bad things happen to good people?” or “If your God is a good God, then why does he allow such evil to occur?” Questions like these we cannot overlook, though we often do when it is only partly cloudy with a gentle breeze.
Such a question came about from an anonymous commenter on
the UUEmergency blog yesterday. While not knowing the sincerity or motivation of such a comment, I think it is something onlookers, perhaps non-Christians, are asking. The person asked,
“What did you do to incur His wrath?”

Timmy goes on to deal with this question in a thought-provoking, biblically-guided way. I encourage you to read it.

You can read the rest here.

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