Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hardship Builds Character

Beverly Absher was teaching a continuing studies class at Union University when a cell-phone caller told her the tornado was northeast of the campus.
Her phone quit working as she rushed students into a Hammonds Hall stairwell. Everyone was fairly calm – just concern for loved ones at home. Absher said the students had to realize their lives and those of their loved ones were in God's hands.
As the category EF-4 tornado touched down on Union’s campus, the building began to shake. The tornado generated so much force that the students were amazed to come out of Hammonds Hall after the storm passed and see the devastation. Absher’s second-floor office in Hammonds was destroyed.
They all knew God had protected everyone, Absher told the congregation at West Jackson Baptist Church.
The tornado that devastated Union University, Feb. 5, was the...

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