Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Note To My Women Readership: Age Gracefully

Please do not undergo the knife for a vain pursuit of beauty. Age gracefully. Embrace it. It befalls us all and women who can come to grips with gracefully growing older in our "stay young forever" culture are far more attractive than those who seek to postpone the inevitable by way of the knife. Sure, your surgeries may not end up like the one pictured here but why subject yourself to such procedures?

I for one will be just as satisfied with my wife when she is old and gray as I am now when she is young and youthful. Our physical bodies will suffer the consequences of time and give way to the grave, but love and hope endure. Don't chase what you can never catch ladies. Age gracefully.

You can read more on Ms. Wildenstein here.

Some questions:
-If you are a woman, would you consider getting plastic surgery? Why or why not?
-Do you think the benefits outweigh the risks?
-Do you think that the underlying culprit in getting plastic surgery is self-worth issues?
-If self-worth is the root issue, should we attempt to address that issue as opposed to the surface bandage that is plastic surgery?
-Where do you think our worth comes from? In other words, how are we satisfied?

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Esther said...


even seeing the simple act of watching my dad doggedly dye his gray hair when the Bible says that it should be a crown is hard to observe. :(

80% (according to asia Times back in the day) of asians get cosmetic surgery-- and it's a procedure that is more about getting their eyelids done. My mom had a secret surgery scheduled for me, but my aunt revealed it to me last minute and I refused. My cousin who is 28 came up to me-- staring intently at my eyes and asked me--without blinking twice-- why the heck I refuge to get the surgery done. (They want to look western)