Saturday, February 9, 2008

Atheist Poses Question Concerning Union University

Klay Aspinwall, a former student of Union and graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, tackles the question head on and speaks to the issue from a biblical standpoint.

If you visit his blog at the link below, you should see a lively debate and discussion concerning this very topic. Please see the excerpt below.

Some recent questions were raised by an atheist acquaintance concerning the devastating tornadoes that swept through West Tennessee. He was disturbed that Christians affiliated with Union University continue to praise God for His providential protection given the fact that 51 people in other areas died in these storms. In an effort to lampoon the apparent contradiction he offered the following:
There are 4 possibilities…
1. The weather can’t be controlled by God.
2. God chooses not to control the weather.
3. God controls the weather, thereby killing 51 people with the tornadoes.
4. There is no God controlling the weather.

See Klay's response and interaction here.

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