Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tornadoes Hit My Alma Mater Yet Again

A powerful storm system with multiple tornadoes collapsed the roof of a mall in Memphis, trapping people inside, and trapped students in dormitories at a college in Jackson, the Nashville Tennessean reported on Tuesday.
A least one fatality was reported, the newspaper said, and other media reported dozens of injuries, some serious.

Our house is only about 6 miles from Union. We suffered no damage during the first wave. We have another one coming. Please pray for us. 9 students remain trapped at this hour at Union and the campus is completely demolished. Jennings Hall is without a roof, the dorms were demolished and miraculously no one has died there. There are other areas around the city that were hit hard such as a nursing home and others. Hopefully this next wave will not bring any more damage to our area. Tornadoes have hit Jackson back in 2003 and 1999 and brought about tremendous damage.

Please continue to pray for us and for those who will be affected by this for months to come. Thank you.

You can read more from Reuters here.
You can read more from the Baptist Press here.
You can see some of the first pictures of the damage to Union University here.

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Glenna Marshall said...

We are finally in the clear here in Missouri. Thinking about the storms in Jackson makes me sick to my stomach. I will not rest until the second wave of storms has passed Jackson. I'm praying.