Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Peeing Standing Up

[No one] stands up and pisses against the wall like a man, and I'm going to tell you something, that's what's wrong with America.

First seen on Silent Holocron.

It appears that one can draw talking points from just about anything and make them say whatever one wishes (see example above).

Some questions:
-Should context matter when preparing a sermon?
-How should application be arrived at?
-Should it matter the original author's intent?
-Do you consider the above "good preaching"?


misawa said...

Dude - I'm speechless.

Pastor Klay said...

Seems that his actual message was before that clip so I can't really comment on whether his message evidenced good preaching. As for the clip itself, I am confused why it is drawing such attention. It seems he was using this as a final illustration. Drawing a talking point from the biblical use of an idiomatic phrase is not outlandish or anything.

What I understood him saying:

The Bible isn't afraid of describing or expressing genuine masculinity as evidenced by this phrase. Yet, all around us men have been told not to act like men. Using the context of this biblical description as a metaphor, we have been told to piss sitting down. And this is a serious problem. Men need to act like men.

My question is what all the ridicule is about? It seems pretty unremarkable to me. Is it just too crass for some people? What?

j razz said...

Klay, at the end of his rant, he is advocating breaking the law which is in direct opposition to Romans 13 and sinful to say the least. Are you being facetious?

j razz

TheTonyDanzaAllstar said...

Maybe it would be breaking the law to pee standing up, but I for one, would break it. Or just hold my pee until I got out of Germany.

Pastor Klay said...

j razz, no I'm not encouraging his breaking the law. And I have no earthly idea what this stuff in Germany is about!?

Allstar ... LOL!

I was just surpised that the clip is drawing such attention and ridicule.

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