Friday, February 1, 2008

Jonathan Coulton: Creative, Free Music

My name is Jonathan Coulton and I’m a musician, a singer-songwriter and an internet superstar. This site is chock full of music, news and me-related merchandise - if you’re not that familiar with who I am and what I do you can use the link [below] to get started.

You can listen to every one of his songs right there on his website. Browse around and get a feel for his personality. He loves making music and doesn't mind giving it away for free or for donations or by way of bartering. There are videos that fans have made to go along with his music. And as a note, his music is not lacking in talent or creativity and it is licensed under the creative commons licensing protocol.

You can check it out here. (smiley face icons mean they are free!)

***While most songs are pure genius, some are not suitable for children due to language or mature subject matter***

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