Monday, March 10, 2008

Sprint's Customer Service Is Severely Lacking

**Updated in the comments section**

After spending 2 hours and 20+ minutes on the phone with multiple Sprint customer service representatives I was unable to resolve my current issue: namely our bill has an unexpected increase in overage fees on text messages. It has always been 10 cents per text message over our allotted amount until this months bill.

My encounter with Sprint goes like this: I was disconnected while on hold multiple times (1 time after 1 hour and 4 minutes on the phone with a representative I was placed on hold and disconnected). I was told by 3 reps that they could not resolve the issue. One could not access my previous month's statements to verify what I was telling him was true. Another told me my pin was incorrect and placed me on hold for over 22 minutes while I waited to speak to his supervisor. He came back on the line and told me that he could ask me a series of questions to access my account but he could not get the supervisor on the line as he was tied up still with another call. Oddly enough, he said he gathered this information from his supervisor. He stated that the messages were 20 cents and previously 15. There were no 10 cent text message overage charges. I told him that was agreed upon as overage in the retention plan I am currently under. He told me that I was not under a retention plan. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he put me on hold and we were subsequently disconnected.

I finally get through again to a guy (you have to wait on hold before transferred to a real person that speaks English as a secondary or tertiary language) and explain the situation yet again and am told that "we cannot change the pricing of overage". I told him that they did: 10 cents to 20 cents. He said he understood but he cannot change it back to 10 cents. He then proceeded to ask me if there was anything else he could help me with (Please note here that I was asked this question multiple times by a couple of the reps. It was like they were saying "Okay, we can't address the issue you called about so drop it. What else can we do for you?"). I asked him to resolve the issue or transfer me to someone who could. He placed me on hold and we were disconnected. I then called back yet again and, to shorten things, was told the general business dept. could take care of the issue. I was transferred and subsequently disconnected.

I called back and finally got through to the general business department. He was able to pull up my bill, past bills and see the 10 cent/20 cent discrepancy. He stated that due to the current system change/migration, the system seems to think my text message overage should be billed at 20 cents so it "corrected" it to that amount even though the previous agreement was for 10 cents a minute. He then instructed me to call back tomorrow and talk directly with the retention department as he was unable to adjust the amount. So, after 2 hours and 20+ minutes dealing with something I shouldn't have to, I still do not have this resolved and will have to embark on this yet again tomorrow.

I must really enjoy wasting my time as that is all tonight was: a waste of time. I have subsequently emailed Sprint and will be awaiting their response to this whole debacle. I will report back their response.

Background Information: I have been with Sprint since 2001 and rarely have problems with them unless I have to call them. I have, almost without exception, come away from every phone call to Sprint frustrated or just scratching my head in wondering how in the world they get by with calling that customer service.

Some questions:
-How would you handle this situation?
-What would be your next course of action if any?
-Does it increase the level of frustration for you when you have to ask the representative to continually repeat what they are saying because you can't understand what they are saying and you are constantly wondering why they call this customer service? (Just curious).
-What would be proper restitution given the situation at hand?


j razz said...


I have found out that one of the agents I spoke with last night changed my account password, my pin number and my security question answers.

This is getting ridiculous. 2 plus hours last night and 2 plus hours this morning and I have still gotten no where.

j razz

j razz said...

Now a total of 5 hours invested in this and I now have a dispute raised with Sprint in which I should here back from them within the next 5-10 days.

What do you think would be proper restitution for time involved, changing of the plan without notice or consent, tampering with personal information and dealing with the runaround and multiple, multiple disconnects?

j razz

misawa said...

Not sure, but back when I went through the wringer with Cingular/ATT, I had no problems asking for 3 month's credit, knowing they would renegotiate down to two - which is all I really wanted in the first place, I just knew to ask for more first.