Thursday, March 6, 2008

Luther on Love & Marriage

Justin Taylor wrote some on the views Martin Luther held concerning marriage and love and the impact those views (and actions) had on his culture and how it permeates even our own today.

Here is an excerpt:

...Luther wrote, "If I can manage it, before I die I will still marry my Katie to spite the devil." Perhaps not the most romantic line in history, but Luther was well on his way to turning in his membership card to the "Bachelor to the Rapture" Club!

Luther didn't believe in long engagements. In fact, he had one of the shortest engagements in history — he proposed to Katherine and they were married that very same day (June 13, 1523). Their marriage not only shocked their friends, but eventually led to the transformation of church and culture.

You can read the rest here.

Some questions:
-Given the mindset of Luther and of Katherine, do you think they would have married save for the providence of God?
-Is it a good thing to look outside of our current culture for wisdom on marriage and love? Do you find yourself gravitating towards the "latest and greatest" author on the subject when you read within the topic?
-What are some things you pulled from reading the article? Was it helpful?

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