Sunday, March 2, 2008


Have you ever wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle? Ever wondered what it was like? I have. Plus, with the rising cost of petrol I decided to find a good fixer-up motorcycle and learn with it and then find what I really wanted in a motorcycle.
So, I found a great deal on a used, running motorcycle. It is a Suzuki GS850. I bought it around 4 months ago for around $400- he needed the money and didn't need the bike) and have rode it several times around my neighborhood trying to get a feel for how it handles and the power it has. It is a big bike but handles well and I feel comfortable on it.
Shortly after I bought the bike, I decided to look for a motorcycle class so I could avoid reinforcing any bad habits I might have utilized while teaching myself. I signed up for them around a month ago and took them this weekend. Two days of classroom and course training from 7.45am to 5pm. Long days but well worth the money and time involved as they provided valuable instruction and made it fun being out there going through obstacle courses and practicing different defensive techniques.

So, if you ever had an inkling to hit the wide-open roads on a motorcycle, I would highly recommend signing up for a motorcycle safety course and not letting anything detour you from getting on a bike. A lot of people "warned" me about the dangers of motorcycles. Point taken, but it is funny that most of those who warned me were people who have never ridden one. Funny how that works. Point: if you are fearful of one, but you think it might be fun, sign up for a course near you and allow your fear to subside and enjoy the ride.

Some questions:
-What are your thoughts about motorcycles?
-Do you think you will ever ride one? Drive one?
-What do you think about the nay sayers who preach the dangers of motorcycles, yet have no first hand knowledge of them?
-Even without first hand knowledge, can they (the nay sayers) still be right?

*Disclaimer: I am not saying they are not dangerous. I am saying that if you know how to use one, understand the risks involved and take them seriously you can minimize the risks associated with riding a motorcycle.


misawa said...

I miss it, and your post just stokes the fires that much more. Seriously, ever since I've finished school I have contemplated getting a beater and fixing it up. I won't get out on the interstates around here, but I would have no problem taking it to and from work.

Never should have sold my dad's bike - also a Suz 850. Going to cry now...

Doorman-Priest said...

I look at that photo and I want one. Testosterone? Midlife crisis? Both?

Nator said...

I rode mine to work today. It is very windy here and I got pushed around a bit, but there are storms coming in tonight and it is the only day I can ride it!

I bought mine last summer for the reason of saving money on gas, now I love it! It is so much fun to ride and I love the extra change in my pocket.

This is my first motorcycle so I went used and a bit smaller. I have a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. It is a great bike, and gets over 50 mph, but my next one is going to be a bigger Harley.

Riley said...

Please put your motorcycle driver's license photo up asap, thanks.

j razz said...

Please put your motorcycle driver's license photo up asap, thanks.


j razz