Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parent's Beware: A Professor's Fantasies Made Known

As a parent you help your child along through school to eventually leave off for college and earn a degree that is backed up by four years of learning pertinent information for their chosen field in hopes that they are able to make a differenc in their chosen field. Well, any parent who has a female child at University of Texas San Antonio may have some added worries to tag onto the above scenario. A professor has been caught sending sexually explicit emails to another collegue concerning the girls that take his classes. Ronald Ayers, who is 60 years old and professor of economics did not have any qualms boasting about his future plans with female students to one of his collegues. In addition to that, he was also frequenting porn sites from his office computer on campus.

When University of Texas at San Antonio officials learned that Ayers was surfing porn sites from his office, he was fired last year. Ayers appealed that decision and had his dismissal overturned by a faculty tribunal. His case is scheduled to be heard later this month by the university's Board of Regents, which will decide on the fate of Ayers, who is currently on paid administrative leave.

You can read more here.
A link to his defunct blog can be found here.

Some questions:
-In your opinion, what made him think correspondence such as this was okay?
-Is this the type of person you want teaching your children?
-Knowing that there are people like this in the world, how do you propose that teach your children about the dangers of such men (or women)?
-Why would his dismissal be overturned and he be reinstated given the evidence against him? Is it against UTSA policy to look at pornography on campus?
-How do they justify giving him paid leave?
-Is porn a bigger problem than we like to think?

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valerie said...

Unfortunately many men of today's society believe that there is nothing wrong with discussing with collegues or other men what acts they would like to act out on any woman that crosses their path. There is nothing illegal about it. And I don't know if there is any law against viewing porn sites on those campuses. I do know as a teacher in public high school everyone in the building must sign a form stating that they will not go to inappropriate sights such as those, but in the college realm I'm not sure if that is forced since they are all of age. Pornography is a disease that is slowly eating away at our culture while we set by. It has distorted the entire idea of sex and physical relationships between all people. It gives a fantasy to all that watch it and then when it comes to having a normal physical relationship with another person it makes them believe that it is a lower standard of what they desire. It eventually makes it impossible for those people who are addicted to it to have any meaningful relationship with another person. This is a problem that is overlooked to the point that it is tearing apart marraiges and families as a horribly rapid rate.