Friday, July 18, 2008

Motorcycle Etiquette

I don't really understand this, but it kind of fascinates me. I bought my bike back in November of last year and ever since a strange thing occurs. I don't really know what it is called or how it got started but it is intriguing none-the-less. When you are riding your motorcycle and you see another motorcycle you are to signal to them that you acknowledge they are riding a bike and they signal back to you that they are doing the same. At least that is what I think we are doing. I find that if you do not do this, it is frowned upon by all who have and have had motorcycles. I would say it is a wave, but its not. Basically you extend your left hand out and down at about a 45 degree angle from your body and curl in all of your fingers save for the index. It is to remain fully extended. If you are passing another motorcyclist, you are to take your left hand and drop it as far down on your right hand side and again, curl your fingers up into a fist leaving only the index finger extended.

If anybody who has knowledge concerning this phenomenon would care to comment (or anybody who would like to venture a guess) feel free. It is kind of like one of those things that have been a "family" tradion for so long, nobody remembers why it is done but everybody in the family does it. You don't see people in cars doing this or truckers doing this sort of thing... just a funny observation I thought I would share.


Craig said...

Funny you should say this. As I was driving into work there was a motorcycly cop and another motorcyclist drove by and did that to the cop.

I do not have a motorcycle (yet). I do want one, but I am trying to convince the mrs. I am however more familiar with boating and boaters do the same thing. every boat you pass people wave.

Josh said...
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Josh said...

It seems like an "all hail soandso" or something like that.

stratobiker said...

Two fingers down. Not just the index finger, it should be two fingers pointing down. Like an upside down 'peace' sign.

SB :)