Friday, July 18, 2008

Gas Prices Rise & Consciences Drop

Some U.S. motorists sick of getting clobbered at the pump seem willing to do just about anything for free fuel, from giving up the right to name their children to stealing from day-care centers to donating blood.

In Orlando, Florida, David Partin pledged to name his son after local radio hosts to win a $100 gas card as part of a contest. Partin will collect the card in December, when his son is born, if he can produce a birth certificate proving the baby is named Dixon Willoughby Partin, after the hosts.

"(His wife said) this is his problem to explain when the child is older," Greg Stevens, WHTQ-FM program director told Reuters.

In Mesquite, Texas, thieves drained $100 worth of gasoline from buses used by the Higher Ground Church day-care center and have hit four or five other church center fleets in the area.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Why is theivery a more justifiable option when hard times hit? (Does this indicate a lack of trust in the promises of God?)
-Would you allow someone else to name your firstborn for gas? Money? Something else?
-Is recieving free gas an incentive/motivator for immoral behavior?
-Do these stories (plus the ones in the link) give any indication as to the moral state of our nation?
-Today it is gasoline, what will it be 20 years from now?

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