Monday, July 28, 2008

Less Abortions Or No Abortions?

Denny Burk picked up on a discussion on Al Mohler's radio program between Tony Campolo and Russell Moore. Part of the transcript is below.

Moore: What would you say to someone that would argue as I would that getting together with abortion rights supporters and saying let’s reduce the number of abortions is something like a previous generation getting together with white supremacists and saying let’s find a way to reduce the number of lynchings. Don’t you kind of almost provide a smokescreen . . .

Campolo: Wait a minute. That was a very inflammatory way of stating the issue . . .

Moore: Not if unborn children are actually children . . .

Campolo: Would you let me respond? . . .

Even though Campolo is put off by the comparison to white supremacists, Moore’s analogy is entirely appropriate. Just as black Americans are persons created in God’s image whose lives should be protected in law against lynchings, so the unborn are persons whose lives should be protected in law against abortion.

You can read the rest here.
The audio can be heard here.

Some questions:
-Where do you stand on the issue of abortion?
-When does life qualify as human life?
-Do you think Moore's point is valid?
-Should the father have equal say in abortions concerning their unborn child?
-If abortion was outlawed, what would be the negative effects of such a ruling?


Craig said...

I am 100% pro-life. I believe life begins at conception. I believe Moore's point is valid. While it would be nice to lower abortions it is still murder and not the goal to reduce, but stop alltogether. The father should have equal say. I once heard about a group trying to say a father's pro-choice say is whether or not to pay child support. That was obviously sarcastic. If abortion was outlawed we hear horror stories of abortions with hangers, but I don't think a big trend of that would happen.

Josh said...

I heard the whole thing with hangers was a myth. Before abortion was leagal it was more often than not, done in a sterile doctors ofice. For a LARGE fee of course.