Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Kidney From The Skinny Foreigner For $2,000 Please

Surgeons, lawyers and ethicists from 78 countries have said "no" to transplant tourism – the practice of treating rich westerners with "donated" organs from poorer countries.
Through a global declaration, they are calling on governments to ban transplants of kidneys and other organs taken from vulnerable people – some of whom are forced by poverty into selling organs.

You can read more here.
I have touched on this subject in the past; you can read on it here.

Some questions:
-Ethically is it wrong to sell one of your own organs for money?
-Do you think it is wrong for a "rich" person to give thousands of dollars to someone who lives in utter poverty for one of their organs?
-If your loved one was dying due to kidney failure and you knew that you could get a kydney in time and relatively cheap in a third world country, would you do it?
-Do you think such a ban will stop the problem or just force it underground?

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Josh said...

I can see where these people are coming from but no one should be forced to sell a kidney or a lung no matter how much they are getting paid!