Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Noah's Flood Explained by Science?

Two distinguished marine geologists have published a book offering scientific proof that a catastrophic flood struck the Black Sea region 7 600 years ago and was the basis of the biblical story featuring Noah, his remarkable ark and God's promise of redemption for humanity.

Noah's Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About the Event that Changed History, by William Ryan and Walter Pitman of New York's Columbia University, has reached bookstores in Canada and is to be released in Europe next month.

The book traces the history of the notion that a Great Flood actually occurred on ancient Earth and then details a series of scientific discoveries – many made by the authors themselves during a 1996 Black Sea expedition aboard the Russian search ship Aquanaut – that suggest a geophysical basis for flood stories.

Using sound waves and taking core samples from the ocean floor, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Pitman and a team of Russian, Bulgarian and Turkish oceanographers found evidence that the salty Black Sea had once been a freshwater lake lying hundreds of feet below the level of the Mediterranean Sea.

The ancient freshwater lake would have covered territory now divided between modern Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania – the nations that today border the Black Sea.

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Some Questions:
~Does this seem like a viable explanation to you?
~Are these Scientists on to something?
~Does this take away from the inerency of the Bible?

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