Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Important Discipline Of Reading Scripture

I hold in my hand a miracle. The Bible is a miracle, and I challenge you to give me any definition of a miracle that our Bible does not qualify. It was the Word God sent, for faith comes by hearing so that we might be saved. James 1:17 - God chose to give us birth by the word of truth. The Scriptures are able to make us wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus (2 Tim. 3:15).

There are elect people who have not been justified yet; there are justified people who are not finished being sanctified. The finish line of salvation is the resurrected body; therefore, we are not finished yet, and we are in danger every hour. We need the ministry of the word of God every hour.

Andy Davis goes on to challenge us to take up the task of intimately knowing scripture; for if we are to know Christ, we must, by necessity, know scripture. He challenges us to read through the Bible in less than a year and to memorize a book in the Bible in less than a year. He also lists some popular excuses for not doing so. He also gives the reasoning behind why this is so important and not just another thing on the to do list.

You can read the rest on Timmy Brister's site here.

Some questions:
-Why is it that so many who claim Christianity as their own do not spend quality time in the Word?
-Is this as big of a deal as Davis makes it out to be?
-Is scripture the definitive method of knowing God? If not what is?
-Is the enticement of sin such that it convinces us that fleating pleasures are more worthy of our time than studying to show ourselves approved?

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lastrow said...

I had a co-worker, who claimed to be born-again who deftly informed me that he didn't see a need to read Scripture any longer.

The reason? Well, since he attended Baylor University, he had already done his Biblical studies there (he had majored in biochemistry).

I quite frankly didn't know what to say...