Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amended Resolution On Meaningful Membership Passes The SBC

WHEREAS the 2007 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Church Profile indicate that there are 16,266,920 members in Southern Baptist churches; and
"WHEREAS those same profiles indicate that only 6,148,868 of those members attend a primary worship service of their church in a typical week; and"

The two additional RESOLVED paragraphs from Ascol's amendment follow:

"RESOLVED, That we urge the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention to repent of any failure among us to live up to our professed commitment to regenerate church membership and any failure to obey Jesus Christ in the practice of lovingly correcting wayward church members (Matthew 18:15-18), and be it

"FURTHER RESOLVED, That we humbly encourage denominational servants to support and encourage churches that seek to recover and implement our Savior's teachings on church discipline, even if such efforts result in the reduction in the number of members that are reported in those churches."

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Do you see this as a good thing or bad thing? Why?
-Why do you think this was even brought up?
-Will a resolution change anything?
-Did the resolution on alcohol change anything (or the ban on Disney & others)?
-Will you heed the call to repent?

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