Thursday, June 26, 2008

Keep Your Guns Says The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense and hunting, the justices' first major pronouncement on gun rights in U.S. history.

The court's 5-4 ruling struck down the District of Columbia's 32-year-old ban on handguns as incompatible with gun rights under the Second Amendment. The decision went further than even the Bush administration wanted, but probably leaves most firearms laws intact.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Does this ruling impact you personally?
-Do you think it was the right decision?
-Are guns important for citizens to own?
-Why are gun rights a hot button issue currently?


misawa said...

Oh yeah... doing the Snoopy dance!!!

B Nettles said...

Yes! I think all principals and science teachers should be required to go through gun safety courses, shooting proficiency testing and carry daily on campus. That would improve most public school campuses immensely. Oh, yeah, immunity, too.