Thursday, April 3, 2008

Question for the Weekend....

What are your top 5 favorite games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System?


Tim Ellsworth said...

Oh, good question. I'd probably have to go with:

Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Track and Field
Legend of Zelda
Tecmo Super Bowl

Riley said...

Excellent choices! Back in the day when all you needed were two buttons on the controller.

Adam Winters said...

Hmm, a tough one, indeed.

I never got into any of the NES sports titles, and it is my opinion that 8 bit sports games generally don't age well. That said, there is still fun to be found in them.

Punch-Out is great, of course. Any of the Mega Man games deserves a spot on that list, as they are all pretty much the same anyway.

For a side scrolling brawler, I have to go with either Double Dragon II or Ninja Turtles III, either is a worthy entry.

For a solid platformer, I'd have to go with Super Mario Bros. 3, which in my opinion, is the best game for the system and one of the best ever made for any generation.

Now, what am I leaving out?

Gotch said...

1. Super Mario Bros.

2. Excite Bike

3. Zelda

4. Mega Man (All of them)

5. Techmo Bowl

David Wickiser said...

1. Code Name Viper
2. Punch Out! (not Mike Tyson's, the other one)
3. Little Nemo: Dream Master
4. Excite Bike
5. Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers

Adam Winters said...

Ah yes! David makes an excellent suggestion with Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers, perhaps the most underrated 2 player co-op game on the system.

I liked all the Capcom adaptations of Disney Afternoon shows like Ducktales, Talespin, and Darkwing Duck.

For the record, I have never played a bad Capcom game. Once they find the winning formula, they stick with it for a decade and cash in!

Joseph Gould said...

1. Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!! (Nothing is more satisfying that beating Iron Mike)
2. Contra (Real men don't use the Konami code)
3. Double Dragon II
4. Mega Man II
5. Tecmo Bowl (nothing like an 80 yard heave downfield)

Riley said...

1. RBI Baseball
2. Contra
3. Tecmo Bowl (the original)
4. Metroid
5. Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt

Honorable Mentioned
- Mike Tyson's Punchout
- Super Mario Brothers 3

Ahhhh, those were the good ole days!

misawa said...

Tecmo Super Bowl
Super Mario 3
Baseball Simulator 1.000

Next week's question has so got to be the top 5 from the SNES.

The Zoner said...

Check it out:

Riley said...

This could be my new favorite website! I can't believe I left out one of the greatest games of all-time.... Baseball Stars!!

Craig said...

Tecmo Bowl

Double Dribble

Mike Tyson Punch Out

Skat or Die

Duck Hunt

Josh said...


Roland said...

I never had an NES!
Not really. ;)
I had a TI99-4A.
Different games, same premise. :)

McQ said...

Mario 3
Skate or Die
Ninja Turtles
Double Dragon

Honorable Mention: Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Tecmobowl