Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bruce Ware On Isaiah 6 & Two Portraits Of God

Just to give a little background on why I am posting this: Bruce Ware has a daughter who attends our church as an associate member while she is at university. Dr. Ware teaches for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and flies to Jackson, TN once a week to teach an extension course at Union University in addition to his full load at Southern Seminary. So, since he is in Jackson regularly and his daughter is a member of our church and most importantly, we are like-minded, it is a good fit for him to come and share our pulpit to teach and proclaim the truth of scripture to us.

Beholding the God of Merciful Holiness is the title for his first of two messages (as he will be at our church for another week to develop the theme of "Two Portraits of God". It is an excellent message that handles the text well and opens your eyes to the "magnifitude" of what took place in Isaiah 6, a familiar passage to most of us.

If you have a bit of time you can listen to the sermon here. (I submit it is well worth your time)

I would also recommend that you pick up the book Still Sovereign, co-edited with Thomas Schreiner.


Roland said...

Beholding the God of Mercy.
That automatically makes Him holy.
No one else is merciful without learning it from Him first.

j razz said...

Care to unpack your compacted statements Roland? :)

j razz