Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crayola Renames Colors: A Flash Back To The Sixties

Crayola's Old color names/ Crayola's New color names:
  • Laser Lemon/ Super Happy
  • Wild Tangerine/ Fun in the Sun
  • Screamin' Green/ Giving Tree
  • Beaver/ Bear Hug
  • Turquoise Blue/ Happy Ever After
  • Hot Magenta/ Famous
  • Orchid/ Best Friends
  • Wild Watermelon/ Awesome
You can read more here.

Some questions:
-What do you think of the new names?
-Do you find these names fit the colors (or what takes place directly after tripping on LSD)?
-Should there be rules in place to ensure proper naming occurs for children's sake (just imagine a child asking for a certain crayon in class: "Mrs. Teacher, can I have the Bear Hug?" or "Can you hook me up with a "Happy Ever After"?)?
-What was your favorite Crayon color? Mine was the silver metallic one.


Josh said...

I'm glad to say I've never had LSD. But I'll bet the names of the carayons are going to be band by some of th more conservative parents and schools.

Joseph said...

Hey, Jeremy.

In the trenches, the kids are going to ask their friends to pass the "pinkish-orange one" not Mango Sunrise®.

Favorite color crayon: white. You just had to feel sorry for it since it was the most under-utilized one in the box. It's really the underdog of crayons.

Roland said...

An underdog?!
I wonder if the black crayon would agree...