Monday, April 7, 2008

NCAA National Championship Game

Did your team make it? Did they win? I picked Gonzaga and Memphis to be in the final game with Gonzaga taking it. I have participated this year (for the first time) in an online bracket with some guys from church. Currently I am leading the pack with 41 correct picks and if Kansas wins tonight, I will lose my first place seat, but if Memphis wins I keep it and obtain a digital, non tangible trophy of gold worth nothing more than the price of my internet bill to look at it in all its splendor in its digital trophy case on yahoo's website.

Just to add to the mix, I could care less who wins and I have not watched a single game this year (and in my life time I could probably count on my fingers how many games I have sat and watched). What I am saying is, I know nothing about the teams, the stats or the probability of a certain team taking it this year or the next. I would much rather be out playing the sport than watching it. Funny thing is, how did I manage to wind up with a guaranteed number 2 spot and a likely number 1?

Isn't it funny the things that take us captive? Sport fans are of a strange breed.

So, how did you do with your bracket if you kept one?
What are your feelings about sport fans? (you know the ones I am talking about)
What do you think is the driving lure of becoming a sport's fan? Is it healthy?


Roland said...

I only watch some at playoff time.
I don't have cable or and antenna, so only if I'm somewhere that has one, like at work on break.
But its fun to see the stuff.
As for my bracket, it sucked.
I never expected all 4, #1's to make it.

Josh said...

I'm tied for dead last with my uncle in my family bracket! I'm going to miss UCLA! :-(