Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thoughts On Old Ads And Feminism

In this 1961 Kenwood ad, you can definitely tell times were different back then. This was from a time when women kept the flame far from their bras and family and marriage was a thing to be honored and respected. I'm not saying that it is not now, but it sure does not seem like the norm of our current culture. Feminism entered the scene shortly thereafter and a revolution began. Since then abortion has become an acceptable practice, birth control is looked upon favorably and independence is valued over and above any family model. "You got to get yours" has become the banner statement.
Now, do I attribute this to feminism? No. I attribute it to a fallen world that seeks to rebel against its Creator. Do I think that women should be treated as second rate citizens? No. I believe they should be loved and cherished- especially by their husbands and fathers. Do I believe things were better back then? Yes and no. I believe we stripped away our family values as a culture in exchange for liberation, but the cost of that liberation has yet to be fully realized. I believe that we should have treated women as we knew we ought and maybe the burning of the bras and an ushering in of a new era would have been exchanged for better marriages, better society and children who value and respect those in authority over them.

You can see more ads here.

Some questions:
-What are your thoughts on feminism and what it brought to America?
-Do you find it to be an improvement or the lesser of two evils (or the greater of two evils)?
-Do you think the mindset of the culture that made this ad was any better than the mindset of the culture of feminism?
-What does this ad say about how women were treated back in the 50's and 60's? Are they treated any better now?

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