Thursday, November 1, 2007

Big Brother TV Show "Rape" Broadcast Live

Richard Bezuindehout, a film student from Tanzania and a married man, was broadcast live on Big Brother in what many across Africa say was rape. Both he and Ofunneka Molokwu, a medical assistant from Nigeria, came back from having participated in binge drinking and she (according to viewers but denied by producers) passed out and that is when Bezuindehout took advantage of her.

In defense of his sexual behavior he gave this reasoning: "Well, this is Africa."

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-What do you think of his defense?
-What good comes of debauchery?
-What do you think about a show that airs sexual promiscuity over the airwaves?
-What do you think of a married man participating in this act... and his defense?

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Anonymous said...

You posed good questions but another big question is why the heck did the producers what so long to stop this maniac from doing what he was doing...they kept the cameras rolling for a excuse! For ratings that is the point...I hope the victim receives justice and a lot of money!