Tuesday, November 6, 2007

For All Types Of Pooja

I thought I have been exposed to a lot of varied cultural anomalies, but until this weekend I have never seen the likes of a Poojan Pack. This was a first. I opened up the pack to take a look. There was a grinding stone, some sort of oil, some cashews and other nuts (about 5) and some sticks of incense along with some other things that I couldn't make out as to what they were. No need to worry though as I will rest assured that the package I was looking at was for all types of Pooja. All is now well.
Who knew that this pack had all you need for all types of Hindu worship?
I wonder if this is the equivalent to the "christian" testamint mentality?

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Randy said...

I would have to say that this particular poojan pack is my favorite, i have tried all the others, but this one fills you up and never lets you down.