Thursday, November 8, 2007

How Much For A Womb Rental?

In a new twist to the outsourcing for which India has become renowned, poor Indian women are renting out their wombs to foreigners. ...leading gynecologist Dr. Kamala Selvaraj says it's now becoming a regular "profession" in India, with more and more women willing to carry babies for others, for a fee.

What is more, westerners who do not take issue with IVF can recieve the service cheaper in India than in the Western world and apparently some Indian women have no problem with donating eggs for an additional charge.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-What are your thoughts about In-Vitro Fertilization?
-Do you see any equation between IVF and abortion?
-What are your thoughts on having another woman carry your baby to term?
-Do you see benefits in a service like this that adoption does not provide?

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