Wednesday, September 5, 2007

McCain Deals With A Question About Mental Illness

John McCain is asked by a member of the audience about his mental well-being. In reply he says, "thanks you little jerk" to which the crowd applauds and then he says "your drafted". I will be curious to see if the media spins this to say that McCain supports the draft or devalues our youth due to his labeling of the questioner as a jerk.

Some questions:

-What are your thoughts about McCains recent staffing issues?
-What would it take for McCain to win?
With Fred Thompson entering the race this evening, does this pose a threat to McCain's platform (or the other candidates for that matter?

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channel4peace said...

Mr. CFR, NWO, SPP who tries to act differently has no clue that Americans are over it. WE DONT WANT ANOTHER IDIOT as President. Between this and bomb, bomb, bomb Iran it is not only idiotic it is insane. Is this the kind of guy we want representing the American People...NO!