Thursday, September 20, 2007

Every Cool Kid Has One!

Ever wish you had the skills of a cat? Well, this won't do it for you, but it will make you look a little weird and cause your head to vibrate when you get close to something. It's makers claim that it gives you a six sense allowing you to feel objects at a distance as if they were close up. You could maneuver your way through an unlit nature trail or take a stroll in a mine shaft. With this thing on your head, you'll be sure not to bump into anything while doing it. The inventors call it the Haptic Radar / Extended Skin Project. Be sure to check out the links below.

You can read more on it here.

You can watch a video here and here.

Some questions:
-Would you buy one if it was made available?
-What are some real world uses that you could see this invention fulfilling?
-How much do you think would be a reasonable price for it?

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