Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The dodgeball season has come to an end. I have finished editing the final two games between The Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation and the Jackson Energy Authority. NewsTalk came out of the season with a record of seven wins and eight losses. A double-elimination tournament was held last Tuesday of all the teams that participated in the season. The police were slated to win the tournament, but were upset early by the Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation. Yes, the guys wearing spandex and covered in baby oil took out the police early. The victor was the Sportsplex Plexboys who beat the Young Republicans in the final game to take home the 6ft tall trophy. Over $7,000 dollars was raised for charity by this dodgeball event.

You can watch the games here.

Some questions:
-Is dodgeball really a sport?
-Does this sound like a fun charity event to you?

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