Monday, September 10, 2007

Google Earth Has Flight Simulation & Space

I re-discovered Google Earth and all its components -- Google Sky and a nifty a flight simulator. You can get everything you need on the Google Earth site.
Once you have Google Earth installed, I insist that you kill as much time as I did with its built-in flight simulator. Click Control-A to bring up the application and once you've hit ground by wildly stabbing the arrow keys on your keyboard, head for the
Flight Simulator Keyboard Controls page. If you want more help with the fight similar, head for Marco Gallotta's blog.

You can read more and see some screenshots here.

Some questions:
-Have you ever peroused Google Earth?
-What do you think about the flight simulator?
-Did you check out the constellations?
-If you have ever tried Celestia? If so, do you think google earth can catch up?

1 comment:

misawa said...

I plan on wasting oodles of times on it this weekend. I just installed the Linux version of Google Earth last month. Haven't tried Celestia yet.