Monday, September 8, 2008

Glorifying God: What Qualifies?

Some questions:
-Does this benefit/edify the body? If yes, how?
-Should this be condoned?
-Could this confuse the child concerning salvation? The congregation?
-Biblically can the Spirit anoint those who do not comprehend and trust in the gospel?
-What was your first thought when you saw this video?
-If you were touched by watching this video, was it spurred by its roots in scriptural truth or in emotion detached from scripture? Or something else?


Tim Ellsworth said...

I like your tag of "ignorance." It's most appropriate.

B Nettles said...

Edify? NO
Condoned? NO
Confuse child? Probably not, he's just being a child, copying behavior and getting attention.
Confuse congregation? Not anymore than they already appear to be.
Anointing? Balaam's donkey, but there was a comprehendable message. Here there is nothing to understand. Growling is growling.
I was even more disappointed than I expected to be. Seeing the preloaded picture I thought it was going to be some near infant giving a child's recitation. I couldn't even chuckle at this garbage.