Wednesday, September 3, 2008

El Morro En Viejo San Juan

If you haven't noticed I haven't been posting much in the past couple of weeks, well, you need to read the blog more often :)

I have been in Puerto Rico with my wife and a couple we are friends with from Church. I thought I would share some pictures. I will add more later on (and resume posting regularly), but I have a lot of catching up to do with work at the present moment.

Enjoy the Pictures! They were taken in Old San Juan, mostly at the Spanish fort- El Morro.


Tim Ellsworth said...

Welcome home. Hope you had a good trip.

Craig said...

Nice pictures. The closest I got to Puerto Rico was when I was in the Navy and we shot up the island of Vieques. Looks like you had a nice trip.

j razz said...

Can you talk about that? Viegues? What went on there?

Before we left for Puerto Rico (we went with another couple and one of them is from Puerto Rico) we looked up the history of the island. It was interesting to me that Puerto Rico was bombed by the US and also that Puerto Ricans were not Puerto Rican citizens until 2007, and that was only if they opted for citizenship. All Puerto Ricans are born American citizens and there was no such thing as Puerto Rican citizenship. Those were things that even he did not know. Interesting.

j razz

Craig said...

Well it was no secret mission. We just basically used the island for target practice. I know there was a lot of opposition to it from people that lived near there for obvious reasons.

I use to work with a lady that traveled down to St. Thomas and I would talk to her about it because I actually had a chance to go there. I told her how we would go target blow up the island next to Puerto Rico and she knew about that. She actually considered buying real estate there when the military stopped using it. I guess it was going for dirt cheap because there were a lot of amunition shells. I guess it has turned into quite a tourist spot.

Anonymous said...

you should tell your navu friend that his bombing has destroyed that islands ecosystem and fiishing industries and now people living on vieques have a higher rate of cancer than any other puerto rican by disturing amounts. the way you talk about using our land like that is despicable, you have no idea the damage that you have done that your government refuses to clean up after. puerto ricans became US citizens with the jones act over half a century ago but it was against our will, the local governemnt voted against it but they pushed it on us anyway. so congratulations white man we're the new indians your conquesting and killing