Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Church sign consternation

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Those lyrics have made Katy Perry's pop song a big hit on the radio.

But when a local church put the song lyrics on its marquee -- followed by the words then I went to hell -- some people got angry.

People driving by Havens Corners Church in Blacklick yesterday morning noticed the sign, aimed to warn people about what the church says is the sin of homosexuality.

"It's not something that is really a shock if you're a scriptural person," said the Rev. Dave Allison, pastor of the 100-member church at Havens Corners and Reynoldsburg-New Albany roads. "We meant that as a loving warning to teens. … The Scriptures tell us that you should not do what the song tells you to do. The Scriptures are not ambiguous on this issue."


Lynne Bowman, director of Equality Ohio, a gay and transgender advocacy group, said every church has a right to its beliefs. Havens Corners has made it clear to everyone who drives by that it is not a welcoming place that accepts all people, she said.

I personally am not a big fan of church signs that do anything more than inform of lead staff, events, and maybe the upcoming message if it's actually descriptive of the content to be delivered (as opposed to a snappy hook).

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-If you were new to the area and looking for a church, would you consider this one based on the sign? Why/why not?
-Should the church accept any and all people in it's doors?
-Does the spirit of the sign convey a "loving warning"?


j razz said...

If you were new to the area and looking for a church, would you consider this one based on the sign? Why/why not?

I don't recall the last time I read a sign on a church and thought, "Hmm, I want to stop in there sometime." 99% of the time a sign out front with some sort of message on it usually turns me way from that church. We cannot express the contextual truth of scripture in a 25 slot church sign and usually it is not utilized for attempting this feat anyways.

I would be curious to know if there are any good church signs out there. Can anyone find any, if so, post a link.

Should the church accept any and all people in it's doors?

I think the church should tolerate any and all, but accept? As in membership? No. To expound on that (before I get jumped on) we should remind ourselves of the sin we once loved and held dearly and of the loving kindness of our God who freed us from that bondage and gave us to something bigger than ourselves- a body of believers that help us to fight for sanctification. We should think on that and view those who are not believers in that light- with empathy. We should long for their salvation and for God to be gracious to them and show them the error of their ways.

With that being said, I do not believe that a corporate worship service should be tailored to non-believers as it is a time for the body to gather, corporately, and worship the Lord who saved them. So, yes, they should be allowed in and allowed to watch and participate with the Lord's leading, but not accepted until God accepts them and they accept God.

Does the spirit of the sign convey a "loving warning"?
Does any church sign ever? Again, if you know of any good ones (not funny good, but actual good ones, post a link)

j razz

misawa said...

Actually, no - you've hit at the heart of exactly what I think of church signage in general. The only "good" ones I know of are ones that list:

1. The name of the church
2. General hours/schedule
3. Pastor's name and contact number (opt)
4. Upcoming sermon or event(opt)

And for number 4, I'm talking about VBS/some sort of children's camp or specific scripture for the upcoming sermon. Our church regularly does the first two and occasionally the last one, but seeing as how it's a very small sign, there's just not enough room to get fancy.

lastrow said...

I don't get the popularity of this girl's song and I can guarantee you that neither does Jill Sobule.

Just to stir the pot a bit: Is a girl kissing a girl considered homosexuality?

For the record, I don't think the sign conveys a loving warning.

Craig said...

j razz,

I agree with all your comments 100%.

As for lastrow's comment regarding the song itself, I would say that kissing someone of the same sex is a homosexual act. According to the song and the sign, she said "and I liked it" showing no sign of repentance.