Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lying On Your Resume

Here are the 10 most outrageous lies found on resumes according to CareerBuilder.com:

1. Candidate claimed to be a member of the Kennedy family

2. Applicant invented a school that did not exist

3. Job seeker submitted a résumé with someone else's photo inserted into the document

4. Candidate claimed to be a member of Mensa

5. Applicant claimed to have worked for the hiring manager before, but never had

6. Job seeker claimed to be the CEO of a company when he was an hourly employee

7. Candidate listed military experience dating back to before he was born

8. Job seeker included samples of work, which were actually those of the interviewer

9. Applicant claimed to be Hispanic when he was 100 percent Caucasian

10. Candidate claimed to have been a professional baseball player

...there's a line between bending the truth and outright deception. According to the CareerBuilder.com survey, these were the most common falsehoods people admitted to using on a résumé:

• 38 percent of those surveyed indicated they had embellished their job responsibilities

• 18 percent admitted to lying about their skill set

• 12 percent indicated they had been dishonest about their start and end dates of employment

• 10 percent confessed to lying about an academic degree

• 7 percent said they had lied about the companies they had worked for

• 5 percent disclosed that they had been untruthful about their job title

Do these lies work? In most cases, no.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Some questions:
-Why do some think it is okay to lie to get a job?
-Is this seen as sociably acceptable if you don't get caught?
-How do you think the applicant responded when confronted on the lies?
-What does this say concerning character?
-Is this the equivalent to performance enhancing drugs? To compete in the majors you have to take steriods? Everybody is doing it?


Craig said...

I've wondered how many people lie on their resume. Especially education. Some employers ask for transcripts. I would assume most get because they don't have the experience they said they had.

Unfortunately, some people will do anything to get ahead in life even lie. I don't think it is socially acceptable because others are competing for the same job.

Susan said...

You know that employers can actually go on sites like myspace to view profiles of potential employees. If not set to private, then it's considered public webspace that can be viewed by anyone...AND you can actually get a "reference" on someone by looking at their profile. I know my company has done this before AND I've seen a special on TV (not sure what channel) about them doing this and finding some pretty interesting things...

SO, yeah, don't lie on your resume/application..that's an automatic "NO". It's also funny because people have lied about criminal charges..and yet..companies these days do background checks...so not a wise idea :)

(can't you tell I'm catching up on reading your blog..since this was from 8/19?)