Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Baby In Need

This is a personal request. I have a friend from university who recently had his fourth child (two twins boys, another boy and now this one). He got real sick and actually had to be resuscitated. He is currently in the hospital and still not doing well. He has been diagnosed with viral spinal meningitis. I would ask that you pray for their son as well as his parents, Adam and Wendy McCollum. I will update this once I hear more.

Specifically you can pray that:
-Adam and Wendy would not be anxious about anything but trust in the Lord that He knows their needs and will meet them or exceed them with His sovereign plan as He is a kind and loving God that is powerful enough to act on that love and kindness and ensure that nothing hinders it.
-Their son would indeed come out of this without ill effect and this would cause his parents to glory in their God and be thankful to Him for the skill and knowledge of the doctors and nurses who are working with their child.
-That the doctors would be wise and diligent in doing what is in the child's best interest.
-That this situation would draw all involved closer to the Lord for His glory and our good.

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j razz said...

This was sent by the mother.
Gabriel is now off the ventilator with no oxygen and doing well. We are able to hold him again. His keeping his oxygen levels and temperature up and getting some milk through the tube in his nose. They took the EEG off this morning since they hadn't seen any evidence of seizures since he's been in the PICU. He is still having the twitching movements but the doctor seems to think that as the irritation of the virus to his brain decreases it will get better. His heart rate has been low the last 2 days with occasional drops but his blood pressure has stayed okay so they are just watching it. Pray that it doesn't become a problem and that no other set backs arise. We are hoping to move to a regular room tomorrow. Gabriel's big brothers are eager to see him. Thank you all for your prayers and love. Please continue to pray for his recovery and return home.