Friday, May 2, 2008

The Strange Only Gets Stranger

Now, not only are U.F.O's being sighted regularly, but some are actually said to be flying women. That's right, flying women. Don't believe me? Watch the video in the link provided.

You can watch (and read more) here.

Some questions:
-Does this video prove anything?
-What are your thoughts concerning U.F.O's as they relate to extraterrestrial origins?
-Are you convinced that this video showcases a flying, hovering human?
-What alternate explanation could there be?
-Does this affect your faith? If so, how?


Roland said...

I thought the Sun was a comic paper.
But this proves otherwise.

Geppy said...

I would suggest reading up on the "theories" of the Watchers, giants, and the setup of man to worship Satan. Additionally, Native American mythology on the visitors and the origins of man.

As in the days of Noah...