Thursday, May 8, 2008

Can Your Horse Do This?

I guess a better question would be: Would you want it to?

Let's see:
-Modify car so horse can travel with you while any of your human friends must ride in the back.
-When you go get fast food, you have to buy your horse an exuberant amount of hamburgers.
-Give up a bedroom with all the furnishings so your horse can sleep in a bed and have privacy.
-Train your horse to get you cold beer from the refrigerator so you can put your lips where horse slobber has been.
-Train your horse to answer the phone so when you take it from him you can focus your energy on thinking about the slobbers on the phone as opposed to the actual conversation.
-Can you think of any other benefits to having a horse like this? If so, list away!

HT: Dickey the monkey breeder

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Craig said...

That was hilarious.