Monday, May 5, 2008

MacBook Air

Is it worth it?


Craig said...

Definitely not if it needs an external device to play dvds/cds. Plus, I would be afraid it is too fragile being so thin.

Wickiser said...

Only if you constantly travel, don't listen to music, and need a computer all the time... otherwise you might as well get a macbook

B Nettles said...

Both of my Union students staying with us got Macbooks (13" and 15") this spring. I was very surprised at how thin they were. Why would you need thinner? Plus the mouse pad is huge and two-finger sensitive.

I do like the idea behind the optional solid state drive.

But they don't have the engineering programs on the Mac yet, and Apple is being so .... proprietary with everything. The next thing you know, they'll have advertisements playing during bootup that you can't get around...hey that sounds like a good niche market, jrazz. Start filming!