Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Jesus Story Book Bible

We have been purchasing several books in an attempt to build a library for our son (and future children God willing). We don't want to feed him just any stories, but good stories that promote godly character and that focuses on things that are good, things that are honorable and praiseworthy. We wanted to find books that will help us to steer him in the way he should go so that he won't depart from it.

In light of that, we use the Big Picture Story Bible in our children's Sunday School curriculum so we know that he will be getting exposed to that once he is old enough to attend.

We have also recently purchased for him Fool Moon Rising and The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-Up Book.

I then read about The Jesus Story Book Bible on Timmy Brister's blog and after reading some reviews thought it would be yet another good fit for our family. When I went to their website I found out that a deluxe edition is in the works and will be out soon. Not only that, but if you post about the book on your blog, they will enter you into a drawing to win several free copies of the deluxe version for yourself and to whoever you want to give them to. I am looking forward to either winning or purchasing one so that our family can benefit from the blessings of reading books together as a family. Give it a look and if you are anything like me and my family, I am sure you will not be dissappointed.

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