Thursday, June 18, 2009

Continental Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

A pilot at the controls of Continental Airlines Flight 61 has died during the flight.

Port Authority officials say the plane was en route to Newark Liberty International Airport from Brussels, Belgium.

Currently the co-pilot and a passenger who is a pilot is continuing the flight.

You can read the rest here.

Some questions:
-What do you do with the pilot's body?
-Why does the news outlet go for shock value: "Passenger helping to fly plane" sub headline?

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ExPatMatt said...

Well, he's probably too big to go in one of the overhead compartments, so they would have had to wrap his body - perhaps in one of the privacy curtains - and lay him down in the cockpit.

The sub-headline is there for the sake of drama. Readers would not be able to realize the severity of the situation just from reading the facts, so they must be hand-held through easy-to-understand sound-bites.

Such is modern news reporting. Sigh.