Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Church Casting Out Homosexual Demons

Some questions:
-Do you think exorcisms are legitimate or even relevant today?
-Are they Biblical?
-Should a church be allowed to perform an exorcism if the person who is seeking it allows them?
-Are any rights being violated? The boy's? The church's?
-Do you think they "murdered his soul"?
-Do you think the "prophetess" handled the interview situation correctly?
-Your thoughts?


Randy said...

The boy's rights were clearly violated. A minor cannot consent to abuse, of any form.

j razz said...

In a related article it states that the boy confirmed he was 16 via a phone call but would not speak to anything else. A representative of the church stated that he was 18 years of age which would make him an adult in the U.S.

j razz