Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vatican - Muslim Talks Continued.

More on the talks between the Vatican and the Muslim Delegation:

The Vatican seminar was organised in response to a Muslim call for dialogue issued in October 2006, a month after Benedict's controversial speech in Regensburg, Germany.

The call titled "A Common World" was signed by 138 Muslim religious figures and scholars.

The Regensburg lecture sparked days of sometimes violent protests in Muslim countries, prompting the head of the Roman Catholic Church to say that he was "deeply sorry" for any offence and to attribute Muslim anger to an "unfortunate misunderstanding."

The closed-door discussions at the Vatican will focus Tuesday on "God's love" and Wednesday on "loving your neighbour," a theme that touches on two Vatican priorities, human rights and religious freedom.

The Vatican is however cautious over opening a purely theological dialogue, with Tauran telling La Croix: "We'll see ... how far we can go together."

Christians and Muslims differ in their concept of God, and follow "different paths to reach this God," said Tauran, the Roman Catholic Church's pointman for dialogue with Islam.
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Looks like the Vatican is dropping hints that they will not do as I had feared. They are showing signs that they will not be compromising their faith in the name of peace with their Muslim friends.

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