Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vatican looks to improve Catholic-Muslim relations

VATICAN CITY (AP) — In a bid to improve strained Catholic-Muslim relations, the Vatican hosted scholars, imans and clerics from both religions Tuesday as it opened a three-day religious conference.

The forum aimed to counter the effects of a speech two years ago by Pope Benedict XVI that angered many in the Islamic world.

The meetings will culminate in a papal audience and is intended to help the two faiths find common ground. The closed-door forum, which gathers 29 scholars and clerics from each religion, started Tuesday and will last through Thursday.

The Vatican said in a statement the first day was dedicated to the "spiritual and theological fundamentals" of the two religions, and the second will focus on "human dignity and mutual respect."
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Some Questions:
~ Should improving relations between catholics and Muslims be a top priority?
~ Do Catholics and Muslims worship the same God?
~ Is it possible for the two religions to mutually co-exist without stepping on each others toes?


Anonymous said...

Loving pagans should always be a top priority.

To be sure, love also involves speaking truth into their lives.

Telling them that the god they worship is a false one, and that this carries consequences with the True God.

Well sure the 2 can co-exist but let's not pretend that the tenets of both can both be true, either Jesus is God Incarnate or He isn't.

Timm said...

Those are basically my thoughts exactly. The story said they are going to keep the meetings under wraps until Thursday. I'm very anxious to hear what they produce.