Friday, December 9, 2011

WebOS Lives!

For months now there have been rumors that WebOS may be tossed to the way side like it's host tablet the HP Touchpad. However, that rumor has been laid to rest and it appears as if the best possible scenario, given the situation, has happened: HP has decided to open-source WebOS and make it available to developers to invest back in the project. This is good news indeed for the WebOS community.

Here is an excerpt from their blog:
Well, you’ve been waiting for the big webOS announcement, and today we’ve made it. This morning, HP announced that webOS will be going open source with the resources of HP behind it. The Developer Relations team is very excited by this announcement and what it means for the future of webOS, and for you, our developer community.

With this announcement, Meg Whitman has reiterated HP’s commitment to webOS as a cloud-connected, scalable platform, while opening up new possibilities for platform expansion and improvement. She has also committed HP to a course of continued improvement to webOS, which means we’re in it for the long haul. Finally, we are committed to good, transparent and inclusive governance to avoid fragmentation of the platform.

You can read more here.

As an aside, I would have never given webOS a chance had it not have been for the firesale that afforded me the opportunity to test out my first tablet. I believe WebOS has many a good qualities, namely multitasking, cards, notifications, the homebrew community... Android and iOS could learn a few things from their neglected sibling.


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CameraSky said...

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