Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama's Health Care Plan

The bill says that the government agents, "well-trained and competent staff," would "provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains ... modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices," and "skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development."

Are you kidding me?! With whose parental principles and values? Their own? Certain experts'? From what field and theory of childhood development? As if there are one-size-fits-all parenting techniques! Do we really believe they would contextualize and personalize every form of parenting in their education, or would they merely universally indoctrinate with their own?

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Do you support or oppose the current plan?
-Do you even know what is contained in the plan?
-Do you think the government is doing a fair job when it comes to looking out for our best interests?
-If our current healthcare system is corrupt, how do you propose we fix it?

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