Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quote From A Michael Jackson Fan

"I'm trying to hold in my emotions," said Hernandez, wearing a wristband to allow her admittance to the service and holding a framed photograph of Jackson. "I know right now he's teaching the angels to dance."

You can read the whole article here.

I really don't know what to say about this. The sad thing is that she really believes this. It is amazing what "coping" opens one up to believe.


ExPatMatt said...

"It is amazing what "coping" opens one up to believe".

Yes. Yes it is...

j razz said...

It's a funny thing, when I wrote that I thought about you... and a guy who used to visit my blog and one other I frequented.

I said to myself, "well, we'll just see where this goes".


j razz

ExPatMatt said...

Well, you're right. Coping with grief or trauma does open people up to suggestion and strange beliefs.

The thing is, I've heard [Way of the Master-style] Christians say that the best time to witness to someone is when they are feeling down or alone or somehow depressed. This, they say, is a great time to emphasis the sinful nature of mankind and the need for redemption (through Christ), because the person is already half-way into that mindset.

Personally, I find this disgusting and see it as evidence that these Christians don't think that the Gospel is compelling enough to convert someone of sound mind.

How many Christians do you know who underwent conversion during a 'troubling' time in their lives?


Anonymous said...

Then there is what Cornel West said about Jacko,

"It's almost like a crucifixion, in terms of the cross you have to bear. We reap the fruits of the resurrection, in terms of the power that emanates from [Jackson's] sacrifice. He sacrificed his childhood because he loved us so. He didn't just entertain us, he sustained us."

ExPatMatt said...

I don't know who Cornel West is, but from that quote, I can deduce that he's an idiot.

Word Verification: 'raphym'


j razz said...

...the best time to witness to someone is when they are feeling down or alone or somehow depressed.

I don't know much about Way of the Master. All I really know is that they have Kurt Cameron involved with them in some fashion. With that said, I don't agree. I think the best time to share the gospel with someone is when that opportunity is made evident. The point in sharing the gospel is never coercion. The point is always obedience to God (Mt. 28.18-20) and trust in what scripture says, "it is the power of God that leads to salvation".

I tend to agree with you- if coercion is the method, that is despicable as they do the person no good nor do they do the church any good. They basically misled someone into believing they are "saved" and the church who will be overseeing them will have to deal with that (some "churches" only mask it and keep telling them that if they prayed a prayer they are indeed saved contrary to scripture (I Jn. 2)!) This does nothing more than pave the way for them to easily find themselves in Hell and you (the coercive Christian) took part in that.

Now, having said that, if this was someone you knew, or had the Holy Spirit directed you, then I see absolutely nothing wrong with sharing good news with them. Just as you would not violate your conscience, neither should the Christian. If it violates my conscience to not share the gospel with someone, then I must attempt to do so. That doesn't mean I cram it down their throat. God can and will do as He pleases with the gospel. Either it will lead to justification or it won't. The onus is not on me in that situation. I am merely supposed to share the gospel. It is a loving thing on my part to do so.

If you truly believed the brakes were out on a coworkers car, would you say something to him? Yes. Because you care enough for that person to check their brakes so they don't die or become injured in a wreck. In the same way, granted on a different plain, these are similar.

As per your question, I don't think I know anyone who was "converted" or converted during a troubling time in their life.

j razz

Joe Blackmon said...

I can't claim to be an expert on Way of the Master but I would be surprised if they advocate witnessing to someone when they're at their lowest or when they're down. Of course, I could be wrong. In fact, what I've seen of them, they seem to de-emphasize the whole "closing the sale-get them to say a sinners prayer" approach anyway.

As to Michael Jackson's fan, she may well be completely correct. After all, there are fallen angels in Hell, right?