Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I'm Voting For Obama

This was made by an acquaintance of mine. The color grading looks great and the natural feel of the camera movement and the microphone dropping in the shot give it a sense of "realness" that I think people can relate to.

What do you think about the reasons given for their vote going to Obama?


Tim said...

I think there's a lot of emotional mumbo jumbo and very little substance behind the reasons being given. It's all, "I feel this" or "I feel that."

Craig said...

The best comparison I have heard is that Obama's campaign sounds like Pedro's campaign from 'Napolean Dynamite' "Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true."

How can someone run a serious campaign on hope? How can someone change parties or be independent? These candidates (and parties) are so far from each other. I am not a huge fan of McCain, but compared to Obama and his socialist policies this is an easy choice.

As far as the video in a more specific point of view. The democrats (and media) have done an excellent job blaming Bush for everything and painting the picture that Obama will fix everything. Oh how all of those voters will be disappointed if there is a Obama presidency.